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Handcrafted in small batches for freshness. Butters and EO perfumes are safe for application on children, and perfect for people with sensitivities.

Read about the 22 newly discovered uses for our best selling product based on customer feedback and testing!



No Chemicals, Preservatives, Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral oil, Dyes, or Fragrances (except in the Fragrance Perfume Oils as marked). No animal testing, environmentally friendly, gluten free, nut free, vegetarian and hypoallergenic, no animal products (except beeswax).

About the Ingredients: the finest of Olive & Jojoba oils, Olive & Avocado butters, Vit. E, unbleached Beeswax, Sea Salts, Sugars, and only the highest quality Essential Oils.


Chemicals can dry and/or coat your skin like plastic. Most of these are considered to be toxic and can absorb into your body. Unfortunately, harmful chemicals are even found in baby products. Chemical ingredients are cheap and the preservatives extend their shelf life, but the preservatives can break down and turn into formaldehyde when they sit around too long.

You wouldn't eat any of these chemicals, so choose ingredients that come from the earth to nourish your body inside and out!



While you are busy taking care of everyone else, don't forget to pamper yourself. Nourish your physical and emotional self. Don't neglect your skin, it is the body's largest organ and often reflects your overall health.

About Expiration Dates: Because these ingredients are made fresh with no harmful preservatives, they do have expiration dates ranging between 6 mos. - 2 yrs. depending on the product. Please read the labels and throw away when expired or if you notice any change in color, texture or smell.

About Using Caution with Oils: These products can be slick when applied to feet, please use caution. Floors without carpet are slippery, please put on socks or slippers until absorbed. Take care with scrubs in the shower/tub as they can be slippery. We want you to enjoy the benefits of our products without any accidents!

About Using Products when Pregnant/Nursing or other Health Conditions: some information suggests to avoid peppermint, carrot seed, lavender (avoid 1st trimester), jasmine as well as other essential oils when pregnant or nursing - Please consult with your doctor to be sure. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or other serious health conditions, please consult your doctor about using products with essentials oils before purchasing. Read ingredients when making product choices and choose products in the Mom & Baby section to be sure.

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Beneficial Properties of Ingredients Chosen for Arizona Body Butter Products:

Olive - Olive oil is rich in phenolic antioxidants (helps to prevent cell damage from oxygen-containing chemicals called free radicals) as well as squalene and oleic acid. Based on research studies, Japanese scientists claim that virgin olive oil applied to the skin after sunbathing could protect against skin cancer by slowing tumor growth.
Avocado - considered by some to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil because of its ability to absorb deep into the skins layers. It is also a natural source of Amino Acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E, and potassium.
Jojoba -
this is actually considered a wax from a seed in oil form, and lasts several years. This moisturizer has little or no smell to it, which makes for a good base for scents. Native to Arizona.
Vitamin E - skin moisturizer
Beeswax - keeps moisture locked in
Peppermint Essential Oil - stimulating and invigorating
Spearmint Essential Oil - refreshing and clean
Lavender Essential Oil - soothes and regenerates cells, other claimed benefits include help for burns, insect bites, scars, problem skin and thread veins.
Carrot Seed Essential Oil - improves circulation to skin and believed to reduce wrinkles.
Calendula Oil - anti inflammatory for skin conditions, can be soothing to red sore skin.
Borage Oil - believed to be beneficial for people with problem skin.

The only other ingredients used are other essential oils & fragrances found in the perfumes.

The information on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. These products and ingredients are
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


During a severe bout with Valley Fever, my immune system overreacted to the chemicals and preservatives in lotions, makeup, shampoos, etc. I had hives and my lip would swell up instantly upon application. After an extensive search on the toxic chemicals and preservatives found in my store products, I decided to make my own products for myself and my family using the least allergenic and 'good for your skin' ingredients that I could find. My skin reactions stopped immediately and I have been really pleased with the results. If you have sensitive or problem skin, you might be reacting to the chemicals in your products and could benefit from using my products. Please let me know what you think.


22 Uses for Body Butter (the Sensitive Skin and Scent Free versions only)

1) Deep Overnight Skin Conditioning - Warm between hands and apply all over after bath or shower. Put on pajamas and socks (if applied to feet). Butter takes around 3 hours to absorb into skin, so before bedtime is a great time to apply, though you can certainly apply before you head out to work unless you plan on wearing "dry clean only" clothing. Do not over apply; approximately ½ oz. per application is needed for whole body.

2) Deep Conditioning for Dry/Processed Hair - Warm between hands and apply to hair 20 minutes before shower. Shampoo & condition as usual. The Hair Butter is formulated specifically for hair, but the Scent Free and the Sensitive versions work really well too.

3) Sunburned Skin Treatment - Warm between hands for easier spreading and gently apply to sunburned skin. Will not sting or burn. The lavender EO in the Sensitive Skin version helps relieve sun burn damage quicker. Cover with soft cotton clothing and reapply daily. Do not use if skin is blistered - see a doctor.

4) Massage - Warm between hands and apply for a great deep tissue massage.

5) Hydrate Skin when Pregnant to lessen damage of skin stretching - Hydrated skin has a better chance of retaining elasticity during pregnancy. Use the Scent Free version when pregnant or nursing.

6) Hydrate Stretch Marks to reduce their appearance - Apply to areas with stretch marks to hydrate. Use the Scent Free version when pregnant or nursing.

7) Hydrate Skin when Dieting - Hydrated skin has a better chance of retaining elasticity during weight loss.

8) Diaper Rash Treatment for babies - Because of the slippery texture, we recommend only using one hand to apply the butter to baby. Remember to wash hands before scooping to keep product sanitary and do not double dip. Apply until rash is gone. Discontinue use and see a doctor if rash gets worse or does not go away in a few days. Use the Scent Free version for babies.

9) Soften Scrapes & Scabs for children - Clean skin and apply to scabs or scraped skin then cover with a bandage. Will not sting or burn. Change daily. Discontinue use and see a doctor if skin looks worse or does not heal in a few days. Do not apply to an open wound. Use only Scent Free version on young children.

10) Moisturize your child's nose during colds - Apply to end of nose regularly when nose is sore. Use clean hands and do not double dip.

11) Moisturize Chaffed Skin from Cold & Wind - Warm between hands and apply to dry/chaffed skin.

12) Deep Moisturizing Facial - Once a week, place a warm washcloth on your cleaned face for 5-10 minutes to open pores. Repeatedly warm the washcloth when it loses heat. Apply butter to face avoiding the T zone and leave for 20 minutes to all day depending on your skin type and your schedule.

13) Cuticle Conditioner - Apply a small amount to cuticles and fingernails to hydrate. Rub with fingers for a few minutes to increase circulation and help it to absorb.

14) Makeup Remover - Melt a small amount between hands, apply to face, wipe off well with a warm wet washcloth making sure to remove everything around eyes. Rinse washcloth and wipe a second time before opening eyes. Then try using straight olive oil w/cotton swab to finish removing the rest of your mascara. Not recommended with waterproof mascara.

15) Soften & Moisturize Dry Sandal Feet - Apply to feet and cover with socks until absorbed to avoid slipping. The Peppermint Foot Butter feels more refreshing, but the Scent Free and the Sensitive versions work really well too.

16) Deep Condition Dry/Rough Hands - Apply to hands and cover with gloves overnight. If used during the day, be sure to wipe off palms after application - just wipe excess onto arms or legs to keep hands from being slippery.

17) Soften Eczema and Psoriasis - Not a cure, but may increase comfort. The Soothing Butter for Problem Skin is formulated with oils that have been said to help with these skin problems; however the Scent Free version might be more comfortable on your skin if you have any problems with the other formula.

18) Apply to bald skin spots, sore elbows, dry cracked feet on your Dog - Many dogs have dry, cracked elbows and foot pads. Many breeds can get hot spots, or sores on their skin and chew away fur to get to the sore. For hot spots, the area needs to be cleaned with soap and water and kept dry to heal properly. See a vet if any oozing occurs as this can spread rapidly to larger areas of skin. If not oozing, clean sore area, apply body butter thinly. If in a spot that the dog will not leave alone, cover with a cotton ball or square, wrap loosely in athletic tape. Change once or twice each day until healed. Discontinue use and see a vet if condition gets worse or does not go away in a few days. Do not use on open wounds. Do not apply to dog's feet if he/she will be walking on hard floors and slipping. Extra tip: wipe out dog ears with straight olive oil on a cotton square - this dissoves the wax so you can remove it with a few wipes without irritating.

19) Delicate Tissue Hydrator - Try using body butter instead of hemorrhoid cream for comfort. Also great for those women who wear monthly pads and have dry, irritated tissues.

20) Hair Sculpting Styling Cream - Try rubbing a tiny amount between fingertips and piecing out small sections or tips of hair for definition. The Hair Butter is formulated specifically for hair, but the Scent Free and the Sensitive versions work really well too.

21) Protect Skin when Dyeing or Highlighting Hair - Before treatment, apply to face around hairline and ears to protect skin from dye or bleach.

22) Condition your Leather Purses, Shoes & Furniture - I know it sounds crazy, but leather is skin! For best results wash leather with a soft cloth using mild soap and water and allow to dry. Rub butter between hands to a really thin consistency and rub into leather well. Wait at least 20 minutes and buff with a cotton cloth. Do this every 3-4 months to keep leather in the best condition. For wood furniture, clean first with a mixture of water and vinegar to strip old oils out. Let dry completely. Use a cloth to thinly apply butter to wood furniture so you don't get splinters.

Can Replace Common Items that contain chemicals and preservatives such as:

Petroleum Jelly
Heavy Lotion
Diaper Rash Ointment
Lotion or Ointment for Sunburned Skin
Foot Cream
Skin Ointment for dogs
Leather & Wood Furniture Conditioner
Makeup Remover

Cuticle Cream
Deep Conditioners for Hair
Hair Sculpting Product
Hemorrhoid Cream
Stretch Mark Prevention/Reducer Cream
Spa Facial Moisturizer........and more





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